My name is Eyal Lior and I'm a voluntaryist and an activist living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm the guy behind No State Project Israel, which is an affiliate of the No State Project and The objective of the project is to educate people about voluntaryism and the means to create a society free from statism. I educate people about the nature of the legal system and consult on how to deal with legal attacks where people get charged with victimless crimes (traffic tickets, taxes, drug possession etc.)

I host a live podcast every Friday afternoon where I take calls and answer questions about my unique approach to dealing with legal and bureaucratic attacks, as well as explain the libertarian philosophy.

The essential elements of my teachings are critical thinking skills and identification of logical fallacies, alongside a guideline to self-study of the rules of the legal system, the modus operandi of judges, prosecutors, cops and government officials as well as various methods to monkeywrenching the system and beat the attacks.

Contact:, Facebook or phone +972-3-3760383